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Scottish Royal Men-At-Arms





Scottish Royal Men-At-Arms is a historical association that reconstructs and re-enact atmosphere and existence in a Scottish semi military encampment… We have decided to limit and set margins to our re-enactment epoch to the period when Scottish Wars of Independence were fought. The First War of Independence (1296-1328) began with the English invasion of Scotland in 1296, and enden with the signing of the Treaty of Edinburgh-Northampton in 1328. The Second War of Independence (1332-1357) began with the English supported invasion of Scotland by Edward Balliol and dishonouring the Edingbugh-Northampton treaty in 1332, and ended in 1357 with the signing of the Treaty of Berwick. At the end of both wars, Scotland retained its status as an independent nation.


Our reconstruction and re-enactment of the environment in field military encampment and assembly of a battle ready man-at-arm bases practically on documented historical events that survived until today. In our field camp we strive to demonstrate you and explain various aspects on how military warfare and social being seemed to be in the 14th century.


Everybody is sincerely welcome to try out varied arms and armour and undertake our combatant or craftsman’s daily errands.


Scottish Royal Men-At-Arms association is ideal organisation that is free of various religious and political movements. Therefore all are welcome to apply for membership. To be fully ample member of SRMA you should first apply for a trial-membership that gives you right to participate in various activities as novice recruit under SRMA banner.


To participate in activities as novice recruit under our banner you must fulfil equipment requirements. (See membership) All novice members will be assisted to obtain necessary equipment.