Our ally clan the Scottish Guards.

At Medieval Market website we offer you a large choice of articles related to medieval reenactment.              


Specialise in arms and armour, clothes, footwear, camp & kitchen and much more.

Visit worthy shop, which sells clothes, armour and raw material for handcrafts. 

This is our ”father” shop, where we buy our clothing and equipment.

Very good quality swords, retailer for C.A.S. Iberia in Scandinavia.

Incredible shop, which specialise on arms and armour. Perfect for re-enactors. 

Good informative website for those who are interested in manufacturing their own chain mail armour.

A good forum, which addresses countless, issues about sword fencing and sword fencing history. 

Here you can get course in the horse riding and sword fencing. 

An excellent website with a loot of information about the foundations of sword fencing.

Textile shop in Stockholm, with a wide range of fabric.