Scottish Royal Men-At-Arms is non-political as well as non-religious organisation and therefore one and all can submit a membership application. To be a fully ample and trustworthy member of the S.R.M.A. you have to apply for a trial - membership that gives you a right to be trial member for a year. Trial - membership is given essentially so that we could learn more about you, see your performance and behaviour during a year, as well as so that you can decide if you want to be an entirely sufficient member of the S.R.M.A. In the end of the year organisation committee with assistance of current members will decide if you can become a trustworthy, fully ample member of the Scottish Royal Men-At-Arms.


Basic assignments and equipment requirements:

All new recruits are obliged to chose an assignment and obtain following basic equipment so that they could take part as member of S.R.M.A. in any medieval event.



  • Noble man/woman
  • Combatant
  • Supporter/follower
  • Cook chef
  • Craftsman/artisan
  • Musician/performer


One should be basically equipped accordingly to ones assignment. Note! All assignments and social positions have its own margins and limit in number of participants, therefore selected assignment can be denied by the board.


Clothing: Think also to choose your outfit so it wills mach your assignment.

  • Lads (Compulsory): Long or short tunic/shirt, pants or chausses, belt, cloak, coif or other head clothes
  • Lasses (Compulsory): Typical Scottish laena or any kind of dress from medieval era preferably with Scottish/Welsh/English/Irish origins (There are many different medieval dresses available and so we leave the chose to you.), belt, cloak, veil/coif or any other head clothes
  • Lads & Lasses: A pair of shoes (if you donít choose to go barefoot), a blanket or rug to keep you warm at evening or around campfire.
  • Note! It is not compulsory to wear head clothes, cloaks or talbart all the time. However it is pretty good to have it case of sudden Scottish weather. =)



All modern clothes and accessories such as spectacles, jewellery, modern haircuts or hairstyles are not allowed at any events while you participate there under S.R.M.A.īs banner and therefore should be concealed. Apart from basic equipment you should provide yourself with paraphernalia that fit your current assignment, those should be comparable with ones from medieval era, specifically between years 1296-1357 AD. As well you should be able to answer commonly asked questions about S.R.M.A. and medieval age.


Note! Equipment and gear varries accordingly your assignment. I.e.: a camp follower neither should or required to have more advanced equipment than his Lord. Othervise it will appear to be extremly odd.